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High Impact Tutors (HIT) serves K-12 and college students by providing high quality, affordable and accessible STEM tutoring. We work with individual students, parents, schools, school districts & non-profits. High Impact Tutors focuses on low-income students that don’t normally have access or resources to afford high quality tutors. 

We also focus on underserved Latino and African American communities where STEM education is desperately needed. 

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Our Mission 

At High Impact Tutors (HIT), we believe that quality education should be available to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality or socioeconomic status. Closing the educational gap and leveling the playing field for low-income students from traditionally marginalized communities is a critical mission that requires targeted support and resources. By providing dedicated STEM tutoring programs, we can empower these students to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and open doors to future opportunities. These tutoring initiatives are designed to address the unique challenges faced by these communities, such as limited access to resources and educational disparities. By tailoring the curriculum and instruction to their cultural backgrounds and experiences, we can create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where all students flourish. 


Through STEM tutoring, we can offer personalized guidance, mentorship, and academic support to low-income students ensuring they have equal access to the tools and knowledge necessary for success. These tutoring programs can not only assist students in grasping fundamental STEM concepts but also foster their curiosity, confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By nurturing their interest in these fields from an early age, we can help build a diverse and inclusive STEM workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our society. High Impact Tutors is an investment which ensures students reach their full potential. We are closing the opportunity gap and democratizing education and having an impact on every student so they have a chance to thrive and enjoy a bright future. 

Lisa R. Boone

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Our Tutors

High Impact Tutors (HIT) are a mix of current and retired educators as well as current college students. Most of our tutors are bilingual and reside in Latin America. However, they all speak English are available 7 days a week. All Tutors have extensive knowledge on their subject matter and have all been vetted and trained on the state standards for math and science. HIT tutors are very positive, encouraging, patient, empathetic and strive to build a bond with their students. The goal of each tutor is not just to help students improve their grades and test scores, but to develop a love for STEM education and have a positive impact on the lives of the students they serve. 


High Impact Tutors offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market. We offer excellence in tutoring at nearly half what traditional tutoring companies charge, because we believe that all students should have access to quality education regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality or socioeconomic status. 

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We also focus on underserved Latino and African American communities where STEM education is desperately needed. 

The Sky's The Limit


High Impact Tutors (HIT) focuses on bilingual (English & Spanish) STEM education. Some of the top subjects we support include but are not limited to:

K-12 Math; K-12 Science; Earth Science; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Pre-Algebra; Algebra; Geometry; Trigonometry; Pre-Calculus; Stats, Computer Science & Coding

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