Aquee Easley


Aquee was born and raised on Chicago’s south-side. He studied engineering at Northwestern University and has over 10 years in operations, supply chain systems, and scaling high performing teams. One of his life’s goals is to create pathways that enable students from nontraditional backgrounds to have access to opportunities, allowing them to prosper and reach their full potential. As a first generation college graduate himself, he remembers feeling lost and alone while struggling through engineering classes. He believes that education is one of the few equalizers in life,  providing an opportunity for people to chart their own courses and unlock their talents and abilities – which is critical for underserved, underprivileged, and underrepresented students. Currently, he works in Supply Chain Engineering at Google, where his role is to design and enable supply chain capabilities for scaling Google’s cloud infrastructure. Another way to put it – he helps build data centers :).