Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is a topic that has long been discussed and several studies reveal that it can be devastating, especially for low-income students. 

Various interesting facts have been discovered by a multitude of studies. For example, a study by Rand Education determined that “students lose mathematics and reading knowledge over the summer.”

A study by NWEA MAP Growth Student took a more nuanced look at the data and determined that “scores decline sharper for math than for reading over summer vacation.”

Most of the studies concluded that in order to minimize learning loss, summer learning and enrichment programs are needed. Many affluent or middle-class families put their children through camps or programs to address this issue. However, lower-income students from underrepresented communities often lack this access. 

Covid-19 accelerated the learning loss that typically takes place. A McKinsey & Company report outlined that the pandemic created a learning loss of seven months. However, “Black students fell behind 10.3 months, while Hispanic students fell 9.2 months behind.” When low-income is added to the equation, students fell over one year behind. 

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