250,000 Tutors Needed in the U.S.

by Ruben Abarca


The U.S. Department of Education has stated that 250,000 tutors are needed to deal with learning from Covid-19. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Ed. D. stated, “We can help all children make up for unfinished learning, recover from the pandemic, and prepare for future success – both inside and outside the classroom.”

High Impact Tutors (HIT) is perfectly positioned to meet this challenge. We are helping schools by offering online, bilingual, STEM tutoring to K-12 students. Our goal is to help all students reach their educational goals, but in particular, close the STEM gap that exists with low-income students from traditionally marginalized communities. The mission of HIT is to transform students’ lives with world class STEM tutoring.

If you are an educator or school administrator, feel free to reach out to me directly to learn how HIT is here to support your students. 


To learn more please visit our website www.impactfultutor.com or email sales@impactfultutor.com 

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