by Ruben Abarca


The Bureau of Labor Statistics put out their Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics report or (OEWS) which shows that careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math continue to be much in demand. This was only accelerated by the pandemic.

Overall, STEM occupations saw an annual mean wage of $100,900, compared with $55,260 for non-STEM occupations. The demand for STEM talent continues to outpace the supply. As of the end of last year only about 9 million Americans worked in STEM related jobs, representing nearly 7% of total employment. 

A small subset of STEM employees are women and people of color. They are under-represented in all areas of STEM. For example, Latinos make up nearly 18% of the total workforce but only 7% of STEM employees. Latinas make up less than 2% of STEM employees. African Americans are also not represented well in any area of STEM. 

In order to fix this situation, intervention needs to start in elementary, middle school and high school. Students need to become engaged and supported in STEM at an earlier age. By providing opportunities for all to participate in the 21st century workforce, the future economic forecast becomes brighter and all can benefit from prosperity that comes with STEM careers. 

It is the mission of High Impact Tutors (HIT) to transform students’ lives with world class STEM tutoring. We do this by providing high-quality, accessible, affordable tutoring support for all. This is the time to close the STEM gap and provide equal opportunities for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status.

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