Gender Stereotypes in STEM

“Early in elementary school, many children already believe that boys are more interested than girls in computer science and engineering”. This is according to a recently released study from the University of Houston and University of Washington. The study surveyed 2500 students in elementary school to learn about stereotypes regarding boys’ and girls’ interest in […]

White House Encourages High Quality Tutoring

Biden Administration encourages schools and school districts to “use the $122 billion in ARP funds to provide high-quality tutoring, summer learning and enrichment, and afterschool programs that are proven pathways to helping students make up for lost learning time and succeed in school and in life…” High Impact Tutors (HIT) helps schools maximize those funds […]

Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is a topic that has long been discussed and several studies reveal that it can be devastating, especially for low-income students.  Various interesting facts have been discovered by a multitude of studies. For example, a study by Rand Education determined that “students lose mathematics and reading knowledge over the summer.” A […]

U.S. Students Lag Behind In Science, But There Is a Solution

At the beginning of the Pandemic, the Washington Post determined the following: “Teenagers in the United States continue to lag behind their peers in East Asia and Europe in math and science, according to results of an international exam that suggest U.S. schools are not doing enough to prepare young people for the competitive global […]

Why Your Child Should Learn to Code

by Ruben Abarca There are many reasons why children should learn programming at an early age. Let’s look at a few of them.  Activates brain’s learning centers According to a Carnegie Mellon study, coding activates five obvious mind regions which are related to “language processing, working memory, and problem-solving”. The study found that coding initiates different […]


by Ruben Abarca The Bureau of Labor Statistics put out their Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics report or (OEWS) which shows that careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math continue to be much in demand. This was only accelerated by the pandemic. Overall, STEM occupations saw an annual mean wage of $100,900, compared with $55,260 for non-STEM […]

250,000 Tutors Needed in the U.S.

by Ruben Abarca The U.S. Department of Education has stated that 250,000 tutors are needed to deal with learning from Covid-19. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Ed. D. stated, “We can help all children make up for unfinished learning, recover from the pandemic, and prepare for future success – both inside and outside the classroom.” High Impact Tutors (HIT) […]

Is private tutoring only for the wealthy?

By Ruben Abarca I grew up on the south side of Chicago and growing up I didn’t know anyone that had private tutors. We had our parents and older siblings, perhaps a group of friends that helped each other with homework or test preparation. However, living in the suburbs of Chicago I soon realized that many […]

STEM Pipieline is Leaking

There is a STEM retention issue happening in education which will continue to have a major impact on the labor market and the future economy. There are many reasons why STEM students drop out, lose interest or change majors prior to graduating in science, technology, engineering or math. Only about 4% of 9th grade students […]